Work with GeneConvene

The GeneConvene Global Collaborative works with a variety of stakeholders and collaborators to advance best practices and informed decision making for development of genetic biocontrol technologies to improve public health. Contact us to discuss supporting or engaging our team to identify and address key questions, provide technical advice, strengthen capacity and share information. GeneConvene encourages new partnerships with interested stakeholders to enable informed and responsible decision making that will optimize the impact of genetic biocontrol approaches on important public health challenges.

GeneConvene Capabilities and Potential Impact

Identifying and Addressing Key Questions

  •  Anticipate key questions that will need to be addressed
    •  Helps stakeholders begin addressing questions early, so issues are better understood when they arise
  •  Respond proactively, working with international experts to identify answers and solutions
    •  Establishes best practices, often leveraging insights from beyond genetic biocontrol, to enable a responsible approach to development and evaluation

Providing Technical Advice

  •  Scope scientific, regulatory and policy landscapes
    •  Directly addresses information gaps for decision makers
  •  Support independent risk assessment
    •  Fulfills best-practice recommendations for informing the development and evaluation of genetic biocontrol approaches
  •  Advise stakeholders on relevant issues and available resources
    •  Enables informed and efficient decisions, accelerating progress and reducing redundancy

Strengthening Capacity and Sharing Information

  •  Provide technical training and information to scientists, regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders and publics
    •  Provides deeper understanding of genetic biocontrol by stakeholders who are not developers, helping to inform their participation in decision-making
  •  Facilitate communication within and among stakeholder groups
    •  Enables stakeholders to coordinate and collaborate, learn from each other, share resources and avoid duplication of effort

GeneConvene works with:

* Current or past funder of GeneConvene or FNIH work on genetic biocontrol

Support GeneConvene:

Currently, GeneConvene focuses on the potential of gene drive technologies to combat mosquito-borne diseases, particularly malaria transmission by Anopheles mosquitoes in Africa. With additional support, GeneConvene can expand its activities on genetic biocontrol technologies for malaria and other vector-borne diseases, in Africa and other geographic regions.

  •  Contact us to discuss opportunities to support, co-host and/or co-develop important proposed, yet currently unfunded, activities within our current focus.
  •  Contact us to discuss opportunities to conduct other new activities in support of genetic biocontrol technologies for public health.
  •  Contact the FNIH development team about supporting GeneConvene and contribute to creating a research environment for the safe, ethical and rigorous exploration of genetic biocontrol technologies futures. Or donate now to put your gift to work immediately.
  •  Contact us to learn more about the goals of the Gene Drive Research Forum and opportunities to participate.

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