Donor and Funding Partner Selection Criteria

Donor and Funding Partner Selection Criteria

The FNIH accepts unrestricted gifts, and gifts for specific programs and purposes, provided that they are not inconsistent with its mission, purposes, and priorities. The FNIH applies a variety of criteria to aid in determining the appropriateness of a gift or contribution to the organization or its programs, to avoid gifts that would reflect unfavorably on or compromise the integrity of the FNIH or the NIH.

The FNIH does not accept gifts that are:

  • in violation of the FNIH’s statutory authority or state corporate charter
  • too restricted in purpose, or too difficult or burdensome to administer
  • intended for purposes outside the mission of the FNIH
  • from the tobacco industry, unless given as the result of a court settlement
  • would compromise the credibility of the research or other funded activity
  • otherwise determined to be inappropriate.

The FNIH does not accept anonymous gifts from corporations.

The FNIH reviews gifts for actual or potential conflicts of interest and, if appropriate, alerts or advises its Board of Directors.