Our Work

Working Toward a Healthier World

The Foundation for NIH unites experts, funding, patients and resources around common biomedical research goals identified by NIH—all in an effort to respond to the most urgent priorities in human health, both domestically and around the world. Unique in its mandate, the foundation builds partnerships that enable ambitious, multi-pronged, sweeping attacks on problems that would be impossible to mount otherwise. Individuals and interests large and small can all make important contributions toward solving even the most complex health challenges.

Each of our partnerships is unique—each specifically designed to most efficiently and effectively address the need at hand. Far-reaching global initiatives may span several years and bring together several NIH institutes or centers, international aid groups, disease-specific non-profits, universities, and pharmaceutical companies, to name a few. Tightly focused education goals may be accomplished by a lecture or series of lectures, conducted on the NIH campus or over the Internet. Public awareness campaigns may utilize grants as a way to reach into minority or hard-to-access populations.

Key Initiatives

Enormous challenges require enormous efforts. Very few institutions today have the capacity to take on grand-scale initiatives, even when they hold clear promise for dramatic results. By leveraging the vast resources of NIH with the focused expertise, equipment, infrastructure and funding of the private sector, the foundation is helping set in motion some of the most ambitious biomedical research programs ever conceived.

Research Areas

Responding to the critical needs of NIH and seizing on the most promising opportunities in biomedicine, the project portfolio of the Foundation for NIH changes regularly. The work we support stretches from the inner workings of the DNA molecule to earth-orbiting satellites that can beam health data to and from the most remote areas of the developing world.

Education and Training

NIH represents not only the premier laboratories for biomedical research in the country, but also one of the most rigorous laboratories for educating and training doctors and scientists. Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, universities, private individuals and others, the foundation is able to expand access to cutting-edge technologies, equipment and protocols that will produce the world-class researchers of tomorrow.