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Partners for a Healthier World

PartnersThe Foundation for NIH is your gateway to participating in the life-changing biomedical discoveries that matter to you. Our success depends upon input from the fullest range of constituencies possible, from single individuals to multinational corporations.

The vast intellectual reserve of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—coupled with the efficiencies of the private sector, the insights of academia and the drive of advocacy organizations—offers the best hope for the medical breakthroughs that will lead to better prevention, diagnoses, therapies and cures. The foundation, by bringing to bear the pooled strengths of multiple partners upon a single problem, is streamlining the way medical discoveries are made.

We are the sole entity authorized by Congress to raise private funds to establish public-private partnerships with all 27 institutes and centers of the National Institutes of Health. Our unique understanding of NIH's phenomenal resources ensures that our initiatives maximize each contributor’s impact and achieve each partner’s goals. In fact, an independent non-profit evaluator has named us the number-one medical research charity in the country.

The foundation manages numerous projects—in areas ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s to arthritis to global health—with efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.  Your gift builds directly on our nation’s investment in the superior, cutting-edge biomedical research of NIH.

Here are just a few ways to contribute.

Your easiest way to support the work of the foundation is to donate funds. Even small gifts make a difference. You may

  • give to a specific program or area of research that is meaningful to you
  • give to our unrestricted Annual Fund to help us advance the pivotal research of NIH by directing your money where it is most critically needed
  • make a lasting gift to honor or remember a loved one by naming a room in the Edmond J. Safra Lodge on the NIH campus
  • volunteer to participate in a clinical trial. For more information on NIH trials and on becoming a volunteer, visit ClinicalTrials.gov

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are logical partners for foundation initiatives, but any company eager to support effective, high-impact humanitarian causes would do well to become a partner. They may

  • sponsor all or part of a lecture, event or summit
  • collaborate on programs that target a specific disease or research area
  • contribute services or goods needed to carry out the work of the foundation or its programs
  • donate funds for specific grant-making initiatives
  • contribute unrestricted funds for the foundation to apply to its most critical areas of need

For organizations focused on rare or neglected diseases up through the multi-billion-dollar Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, there are many opportunities for participation. Organizations may

  • implement community- or constituency-based program components or grants
  • contribute funds or resources to further the research or programs in your area of focus
  • contribute unrestricted funds for the foundation to apply to its most critical areas of need