How We Work

Public-private partnerships—in many different forms—are the hallmark of our foundation’s work. As a not-for-profit organization, we employ innovation and flexibility to configure partnerships tailored to best meet the biomedical research challenges at hand. Ours is a proven, highly regarded and successful strategy.

An independent not-for-profit evaluator ranks the Foundation for NIH among the top five charities in health/medical research with budgets of $13.5 million and above. Our efficiency and effectiveness are due to laser focus on two principles: rigorous evaluation and rapid implementation of projects and partnerships that address a spectrum of important research questions, and efficient use of resources.

Our model of creating partnerships between the public and private sectors concentrates dispersed human and capital resources into a cohesive research effort. In an era of reduced budgets and escalating R&D costs, the need for multidisciplinary expertise and access to advanced technology has never been greater.

By sharing the energy, ideas, risks and benefits associated with research, our partnerships confront challenges on a scale and complexity not otherwise possible.

Public-private partnerships are win-win-win situations where

  • institutes and centers at NIH can pursue high-risk/high-reward research and advance their missions more quickly and cost-effectively
  • regulatory agencies can draw upon a robust body of research to inform domestic and international regulatory decision-making
  • the pharmaceutical industry can more efficiently develop new interventions, diagnostics, devices and therapies
  • academia can increase its access to federal and industry experts, technology and resources, and opportunities for research and training
  • advocacy organizations can access resources and research data that they could not obtain on their own
  • patients gain earlier access to improvements in diagnostics, preventive strategies, drugs, interventions and therapies

While our role generally varies with the needs of each partnership, the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

  • serves as a neutral convener of NIH and other partners, encouraging open dialog and collaboration to approach problems from every angle
  • draws on private-sector expertise to access and organize the widest possible range of financial resources
  • leverages funding and resources from all stakeholders for the maximum possible impact
  • accelerates the implementation of high-priority projects by procuring services in innovative ways
  • applies successful industry-centric practices to large and complex programs
  • expedites the application of new technologies developed by private entities
  • promotes private entrepreneurial development, ownership and operation of assets

As the partnership demands, we may

  • manage large research initiatives
  • issue grants
  • incubate new research enterprises
  • administer training and education programs
  • organize and facilitate broad-based research summits