About Us


Office of the President

Maria Freire, Ph.D.
President and Executive Director
mfreire [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 443-1811

Ann Ashby, M.B.A.
Deputy Executive Director
aashby [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-1641

Andrea Baruchin, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor to the President
abaruchin [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-6649

Richard Folkers
Director of Communications
rfolkers [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-2613

Erika Tarver
Senior Project Officer
etarver [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-9255

Felicia Gray
Executive Assistant
fgray [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 443-1811

Elizabeth Johns 
Executive Assistant
ejohns [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-4968


Kathy Peterson
Operations Officer
kpeterson [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-5643


Julie Tune, C.P.A., C.F.E.
Chief Financial Officer
jtune [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-6246

Eva Coyne
ecoyne [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 451-8856

Cathy Martin
Senior Accountant
cmartin [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-3007

Noemi B. Rodriguez
Staff Accountant
nrodriguez [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-4578

Peggy J. Gerlacher
Operations Associate
gerlachp [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-9867


Melissa Cather
Director, Advancement
mcather [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 496-9921

Rob Drucker
Advancement Officer
rdrucker [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-7121

Laren Friedman
lfriedman [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 451-8855

Jamie Cooper                                                             
Major Gifts Officer
jcooper [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-5343

Cassandra Hoye                                                         
Advancement Assistant
choye [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-4976


Julie Wolf-Rodda, M.A.
Director, Development
jwolf-rodda [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-6027

Renee Bullion, M.P.A.
Development Officer
rbullion [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-4493

Meredith Donnelly
Development Officer
mdonnelly [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 443-1744

William Tolentino
Development Systems Administrator
wtolentino [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-9865

Jillian Bante
Development Assistant
jbante [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-6647

Events and Marketing

Jolie Mak
Events Manager
jmak [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-4975

Jasmin Miles, C.M.P.
Senior Events Coordinator
jmiles [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-8364

Kai Yee
Web Administrator
kyee [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-9713

Janelle Lewis
Events Coordinator
jlewis [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-2919

Sarah Kay
Events Assistant
skay [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-0114

Research Partnerships

David Wholley, M.Phil.
dwholley [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-6343

Cheryl Melencio
Executive Assistant
cmelencio [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-4970

Maria Vassileva, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Program Manager, Metabolic Disorders
mvassileva [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-6596

Steven Hoffmann, M.S.
Scientific Program Manager, Inflammation and Immunity
shoffmann [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 443-2102

Rosa Canet-Aviles, Ph.D.    
Scientific Program Manager, Neuroscience
rcanet-aviles [at] fnih [dot] org   
(301) 402-5346

Paula Eason, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Manager, Cancer
peason [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-6247

Ron Benjamin
Clinical Operations Manager, Cancer
rbenjamin [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 451-2499

Dorothy Jones-Davis, Ph.D.     
Scientific Project Manager
djones-davis [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-2612

Sanya Whitaker, Ph.D., P.M.P.
Scientific Project Manager
swhitaker [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 496-1518

Jessica Ratay, M.S.
Clinical Project Manager
jratay [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-4038

Jessica Jones
Administrative Assistant
jjones [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-9220

Science Administration

Stephanie James, Ph.D.
Director of Science
sjames [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 443-1598

Tiffany Francis
Executive Assistant
tfrancis [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 443-1598

Michael Gottlieb, Ph.D.
Deputy Director of Science
mgottlieb [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 451-2762

Karen Tountas, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Manager, MAL-ED
ktountas [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-4333

Gail Levine, M.A., CCRC
Scientific Program Manager, CTC-VIMC
glevine [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 435-4964

David Brown, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Manager, CTC-VIMC
dbrown [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 443-1599

Susan Wiener, M.A.
Senior Project Manager, GCGH
swiener [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 402-5736

Susan Powell, M.T.S.
Senior Grants Manager
spowell [at] fnih [dot] org
(301) 594-6763