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Dr. Dennis Black

Read about the first study results of the Bone Quality Project in a Q&A with Dr. Dennis Black, Principal Investigator.

FNIH Earns 100% Score from Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator has again awarded the FNIH its highest, 4-star rating—this time with a perfect (100%) score.

New Project Evaluates Effectiveness of Liquid Biopsies in Cancer Patients

The FNIH is launching a new project within the Biomarkers Consortium to determine whether liquid biopsies can be used as biomarkers for diagnosing and monitoring metastatic colorectal cancer.


Register for the 2016 Boo! Run for Life

The annual 10K run and Tidal Basin walk is on Oct. 2 in Washington, D.C. All proceeds will support kidney cancer research through the Dean R. O'Neill Renal Cancer Research Fund.

Eliminate Dengue Program

The Eliminate Dengue program is ramping up after discovering that the presence of Wolbachia bacteria in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes inhibits replication of the Zika virus.

Dr. Maria Freire Appears on PBS’ The Open Mind with Alexander Heffner

The FNIH President and Executive Director, Dr. Maria Freire, speaks about the transformative nature of biomedical research.


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